Agro Chemicals

Soil fertility largely depends on its nutrient status: the amounts and rates of nutrient supplies for plant growth. An adequate nutrient supply is an essential factor in plant growth. If there is an adequate supply of nutrients in the soil, plants are likely to grow well and produce high yields. If even one of the nutrients needed is in short supply, plant growth is limited and yields are reduced.


Mineral fertilizers are necessary to replace the nutrients that have been removed from the soil. They can provide an optimal nutrient balance, tailored to the demands of the specific crop, soil and climate conditions, increasing crop yield and quality whilst also minimizing environmental impacts.Fertilizers ensure the most effective use of both land and water. Where rainfall is low or crops are irrigated, the yield per unit of water used may be substantially increased and the rooting depth of the crop increased through fertilizer application.


We are also engage in Import & Domestic trading of Mineral & Organic fertilizers and Bio-pesticides. We are catering on whole sale & retail basis of following agro chemicals.


  • Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes (99% Solubility)
  • Sodium Humate Flakes (99% Solubility)
  • Bio-Fulvic Acid (65%)
  • General Amino Acid Powder (50%)
  • Seaweed Extract Powder (13-16% Alginic Acid)
  • Folic Acid (>90% pure)
  • Ferrous Sulphate Powder
  • Phosphoric Acid (85%)
  • Bentonite Sulphur Pastilles
  • NPK (6-18-20/12-24-12/15-15-6/17-17-17/18-9-18/10-20-20/15-15-15/15-15-17)
  • Gibberellic Acid (GA6)